KIM interviews authors and producers about the topic: ‘women, love and sexuality’

For the digital channel BTV, KIM interviewed several actresses and producers who contributed to the special Women’s History Month edition of the BLUE SERIES. The series, which runs from March 14-17, 2019, will feature 6 one-act original plays written and directed by African American women. During the press mixer, KIM got a chance to ask the crew and cast of the plays, ‘The pink tackle box’, ‘One two many’, and ‘Abstract unveiled’ questions about their creative journeys, and the overall themes of the plays (young women’s journeys, sexual assault, stripper life).

Furthermore, for an Atlanta podcast, KIM interviewed Troya Bishop M.ED, the author of the book: ‘The answers to intimacy‘. The purpose of her book is to promote love, peace, and power. “Love is the most powerful entity in this world, so teaching people how do to a better job of loving themselves and each other is essential in accomplishing the ultimate goal of peace.” (Bishop, 2018).  Troya and KIM discussed intimacy, sex, love around the world, dating apps and the role social media might play in men’s and women’s expectations about love.


Bishop, T. 2018. The answers to intimacy. Atlanta, GA: Bishop Global education & Consulting. LLC.

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