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KIM is a guest on the podcast ‘Lead the Wave’

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On this episode, I am joined by International Television Personality and Journalist Kim Dankoor (IG: @reporter_kimbykim ) as we discuss embracing diversity. Hearing about another’s experience can shed light on a life different than your own and provide you a new perspective.  If you experience diversity in your every day life, you can have regular exposure to people, cultures, traditions, and practices that are unlike your own. You can learn the skills to communicate and interact with communities and concepts that you are unfamiliar with and gain a more worldly view.
Anchor: Ronald Caitlin jr (IG @spiffycoolkid)

Kim in the Atlanta Black Star (online North-American news outlet)

KIM interviewed AU ambassador dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao for ABS:

Building Wakandas: African Union Ambassador on How the AU Is Helping All Blacks Overcome ‘The Seed of Divide and Conquer’


Come through, Atlanta!

Participating in a panel alongside the African Union ambassador to the United States and the Caribbean, dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, dr. Derreck Kayongo, dr. Adrienne Johnson, and Jamal Lee.

KIM as a podcast guest

Being a guest on the ‘We kill Cowboys’ #podcast was awesome! We talked about the state of Hip Hop culture, its political/societal implications, academics & global politics. Check out these Morehouse men’s podcast based in Atlanta!

Guest speaker at Clark Atlanta University

Two weeks ago a digital editor of news network CNN spoke to the (Music) Journalism students of CAU; last week I got a chance to talk to professor Daniel’s class. I discussed my PhD research, my work as an interviewer, the concept of solutions journalism, my views on current Hip Hop culture from a sociological standpoint, cultural appropriation, and politics. Furthermore, I introduced them to some Dutch Hip Hop (political rap, party rap, and an example of cult. App/overcommercialized rap), and I shared my Tidal playlist…eeyyy.

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Professor Griff of legendary Hip Hop group Public Enemy is here for KIM’s t-shirt line!

“It’s hard to be what you hardly see™!

In connection to the current state of Hip Hop culture: Diversify themes within current commercial rap; more social commentary, more political messages, more women, more different performances of masculinity. In sum, a true reflection of the polylithic culture.

#imagescreatepossibilityinthemindsofpeople #fightthepower #historyofhiphop.


Georgia State University students interview KIM

Bachelor journalism students interviewed Kim Dankoor about her views on Hip Hop culture (i.e. representations in commercial rap, underground rap around the world, the ‘2019 Grammy wins’ the Gucci boycott, and the future of this culture), the current state of journalism, stereotypes in popular media, and global politics. They also asked her questions about her career, her purpose in life and how she strives to make a difference in the media world. They were also curious about the cultural differences between the Netherlands, Suriname, and the United States. Kim’s interview will be published in print.

Thank you for allowing our class to interview you! I really appreciate your response to my question about why focus on contemporary Hip Hop as the medium for social change. (Vanessa, student and social media manager).



KIM interviews authors and producers about the topic: ‘women, love and sexuality’

For the digital channel BTV, KIM interviewed several actresses and producers who contributed to the special Women’s History Month edition of the BLUE SERIES. The series, which runs from March 14-17, 2019, will feature 6 one-act original plays written and directed by African American women. During the press mixer, KIM got a chance to ask the crew and cast of the plays, ‘The pink tackle box’, ‘One two many’, and ‘Abstract unveiled’ questions about their creative journeys, and the overall themes of the plays (young women’s journeys, sexual assault, stripper life).

Furthermore, for an Atlanta podcast, KIM interviewed Troya Bishop M.ED, the author of the book: ‘The answers to intimacy‘. The purpose of her book is to promote love, peace, and power. “Love is the most powerful entity in this world, so teaching people how do to a better job of loving themselves and each other is essential in accomplishing the ultimate goal of peace.” (Bishop, 2018).  Troya and KIM discussed intimacy, sex, love around the world, dating apps and the role social media might play in men’s and women’s expectations about love.


Bishop, T. 2018. The answers to intimacy. Atlanta, GA: Bishop Global education & Consulting. LLC.

KIM hosts the book presentation of Shariff Simmons

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: tekst

KIM en FunX Rotterdam (radio interview)

Hip Hop: het is zo’n bekend genre dat het lijkt alsof het er altijd al geweest is, maar dat is natuurlijk niet zo! Hiphop bestaat pas 40 jaar! Hiphopkenner en promovendus Kim Dankoor komt met de dikste hiphopfacts!

Audiofragment   Interview Kim Dankoor (08-11-2018)

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