KIM at the BET experience (new series Boomerang wants to combat stereotypes)

During a Panel conversation at the BET experience in Atlanta, the cast and executive producers of the new series ‘Boomerang’ stressed the societal importance of the diverse representations of Black men and women in the series. As Halle Berry, co-producer of Boomerang, explained in a previous interview: “You cannot underestimate the power of seeing yourself on the screen”[…..] “It makes you feel legitimate and included, and helps other people understand who you are and where you come from. And each story builds on the next.” (Variety, 2018). At the BET experience, the 1) representations of the ‘dark chocolate’ and thick(er) women, 2) the portrayals of bisexual Black men , and 3) the socio-economic classes of the characters (mostly middle to upper) were widely discussed, and are meant to counter narratives about Black millennials. Hopefully the crew will also consider to include persons with different religious backgrounds, gender identities, and types of (dis) abilities. The series premieres on February 12th on BET.

Lena Waithe (executive producer Boomerang): “I literally want this show to change the face of BET.” […..]”It’s just going to be a phenomenal experience and I’m going to be in Atlanta making s—t happen” (Variety, 2018).


Panel discussion at the BET experience: cast and crew of Boomerang and the women of the Black Girl podcast.


Variety, 2018. Lena Waithe wants ‘Boomerang’ adaption to ‘change the face of BET’. Https:// Accessed on February 3, 2018.


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