VIDEO! Global dialogues about Hip Hop culture: Amsterdam x Atlanta

In this video KIM explores people’s views of Hip Hop Culture from a global lens. KIM asked people in Amsterdam to formulate one question for people in Atlanta; the Atlanta participants answered and they each formulated one question for the people in Amsterdam, subsequently, the Amsterdam participants answered their questions. Different aspects of Hip Hop culture are being discussed in the video; the good, the bad and the ugly sides.

Please press the ‘fullscreen button’ for a fullscreen view.

This innovative media-project is part of KIM’s empirical research. KIM is in Atlanta to investigate how the images in Commercial Hip Hop Music Videos influence late adolescents’ concepts of self (physical attractiveness, romantic appeal and behavior). Although the participants in the video didn’t solely ask questions about the images in Hip Hop Culture, a lot of the answers will spark the debate on Hip Hop culture as a powerful global force……..discussion topics for days;)……KIM will use parts of this clip for her talks at Georgia State University ( African-American studies department) and other venues.

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