(Fast)food for thoughts: critical reflection on media’s role in the 2016 US election

During importants events, like the 2016 presidential elections, (news) media need to inform its citizen in an unbiased matter. Unfortunately, economic, political and societal factors sometimes intervene with good journalism. Please reflect critically on the role of the media, during the previous elections, by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Why was there a lack of policy coverage? Which presidential candidate benefited from this?

2. Did the media normalize demagogy? If so, again, which candidate benefited from this? What are the consequences of normalizing demagogy?

3. There wasn’t a deep exploration of the anti- establishment sentiments in, especially, middle America. Why did the media ignore this? And did this influence the outcome?

4. Many journalists lived in a bubble and presented a fixed narrative (Hillary will win). Why? And again, what were the consequences?

5. Few journalists engaged in ‘solutions journalism’ (what can we, as citizens, do? How can we REALLY bring people together -not just talk about it-? And how can we take away people’s fear? etc.). Is this a media outlet’s task and would it change anything?


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