KIM gives a lecture on US regional Hip Hop at Utrecht University

From NY to LA and Atlanta: US regional Hip-Hop, identities and impact

Hip Hop culture has become a powerful global force and its musical expression, rap, is the most streamed musical genre in the world. There are several “social spheres” that explain how a culture that started in the 70s in a disadvantaged neighborhood in the Bronx, could become such a global phenomenon. Youth in different parts of the world are attracted to Hip Hop culture because they 1) identify with the hardships of marginalized groups, 2) feel connected with the Africanist aesthetics (e.g. rhetorical strategies) or 3) are drawn to the rebellious nature of Hip Hop (it challenges adult authority).

This lecture primary focuses on three important Hip Hop regions: East coast, West coast and the “Dirty South”. Their regional Hip Hop identities, influences on the global commodification processes of African-American (re)presentations, and the political and sociological implications of ‘Hip Hop images’ are discussed. The regional journey through Hip Hop culture starts in New York (70s/80s) and ends in Atlanta (10s); the city that is currently considered Hip Hop’s capital.

Time:           Week 39, Monday September 23   09:00-10:45

Place:          Bologna 1.065

Lecturer:    Kim Dankoor

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